My vision is for all people to be empowered in their truth.

To KNOW their truth
To embody their wisdom and soul.
To express their authentic, sexual selves as radiant, wise and powerful.

I believe you deserve to…

  • live your life in alignment with everything you hope, dream, wish and desire.
  • be free of any trauma, shame, pain, numbness or lack of desire holding you back from intimacy.
  • experience deep pleasure, orgasm and wild turn on, knowing in your core that your sexuality is sacred.
  • liberate emotions keeping you from connection, such as insecurities, fear, doubts, blockages, pain, hidden anger, rage, shame.
  • make choices in life and your sexuality that 100% empower you in your GREATNESS. In your BOLDNESS. In your TRUTH.
  • … and in the Sexual Alchemy Transformation Container, all this can happen + more.

    Right from the beginning of my session with Rachel, I felt her full presence, intuition and wisdom all there in service to me, and it brought me directly to the core and truth of what I was really feeling and desiring. My session was unexpectedly profound and deep.  Having received from several other coaches before, I was truly impressed by the tremendous level of skills and value I got just from my first session with Rachel. 
    -- Naomi B.

    »» The Backstory

    At age 22 I re-remembered my childhood sexual abuse, which sent me on a deeply introspective and self-development journey where I confronted my trauma and lack of sexual desire and dared to examine why I was having horribly painful sex, numbness in my genitals and a massive disconnection in intimacy.

    Through this journey, I didn’t just integrate and heal my sexual trauma.

    I also found myself.

    Found my power and strength. Felt into my beauty and radiance. Discovered my life-calling and fearlessly dived into my passions.

    I came home to my soul.

    And in the process, I stumbled upon some sacred and sexy powers living deep within my being. Previous to that discovery I felt like my spirituality was disconnected from my sexuality. Growing up in a shame-ridden Christian culture, I didn’t quite know how to bridge the two. I had compartmentalized my sexuality into one corner of my world, and spirituality into another, leaving a gaping hole.

    So I initiated myself into an alchemical process of sacred and sexual self-discovery. I began trusting the universe and my path through it in an unimaginable way, while simultaneously discovering depths of pleasure inside my body that I thought I’d be cut off from forever. And finally, finally, I began having sex that felt good, sacred and even holy. I recognized I already was — and remain — whole.

    With this history of sexual abuse and the experience of “coming out” queer in my Mennonite community, I found that embodying our sexual and authentic selves is deep, sacred activism. It’s true Holy Work. And it’s some of the most needed medicine in our world today.

    On my journey toward this truth I discovered the science behind trauma, the secrets to healing, the magic of empowerment, and the shakti creative force of sacred, sexual power that exists within every human.

    And I knew I MUST share these truths:

    The truth of neuroscience and body-mind transformation.

    The truth of somatic sensation trauma release and integration.

    The truth of the sacredness of sex as found in ancient wisdom texts and teachings of Tantra, Taoism and Egyptian alchemy.

    The truth of each individual’s soul’s knowledge that is embodied in the cells of every person.

    »» How you + I work together

    First, after you apply here, we start off with a 60-minute complimentary feeler call.

    This call is so you can get to know me and feel-into your truth: is this the right program for you? It’s also so I can understand my own truth: are we a good fit to do this work together? The Sexual Alchemy Transformation Container is beautiful, and it goes deep. It’s therefore very important to me that we both feel confident and trusting of each other as we enter into this life-changing space.

    If you’re a yes and I am a yes, based on our conversation I outline a 4-month program for your personal needs so you can be transformed on the deepest level.

    I have a general 5-step coaching plan that includes:

    1. Clarifying your dreams, desires and direction
    2. Designing a customized action plan for your specific desires
    3. Enhancing your skills and methodologies in working with your inner world and your outer reality through embodiment practices from Tantra and Taoism, neuroscience and somatic trauma healing techniques
    4. Optimizing your inner and outer ecology or environment – or in other words, creating the world both within and outside of yourself that is most supportive and productive to help you heal and become fully confident in your sexuality and life
    5. Mastering your body-mind and emotions, understanding emotional intelligence, and transforming relationship to self and others

    This program is tailored for your specific transformation. The sexual healing journey is not linear, and everyone has their unique experiences coming into it. Therefore, creating a “one size fits all” program never felt empowering to me. If you want an example of what a customized action plan could look like, click here and check it out.

    Even within your specifically tailored program there is still flow and room for change as often unforeseen things in life come up, and allowing space for intuition, guidance from spirit, and personal circumstances is vital for epic transformation.

    »» Breakdown of the 4-month Container

    The 5-month Sexual Alchemy Transformation Container includes:

    • Nine, 75-minute bi-weekly sessions held on Zoom specifically tailored to your needs, desires, and dreams so you can get the most leverage out of these sessions and truly feel a revolutionary shift in mind, body and soul over our time working together.
    • Weekly playwork designed specific to your needs to do outside of sessions together. Playwork may include recordings of embodiment practices and meditations, journaling exercises, breathwork instructions, daily self-pleasuring or jade egg practices, therapeutic processes, excerpts of reading materials (if that’s your jam), artwork, etc. Playwork is designed so you can integrate healing from the 1-on-1 sessions, cultivate embodied and emotional freedom, and continue alchemical shifts throughout your week until we meet again.
    • Unlimited email and/or Voxer support (an awesome walkie-talkie app) while we’re in the 4-month container so you can feel totally supported every step of the way, able to ask questions or maintain accountability for work outside our sessions together
    • Jade egg + Yoni de-armouring wand + other goodies mailed to you upon initiation to the 4-month container so you have access to everything you’ll need to go deep into the embodiment of this healing work.
    • Free access to my jade egg intensive or Pussy Church offered during (or right after) your 4-month contract so you can experience doing this work in the supportive container of sisterhood, understanding your experiences in reflection to others.

    Generally, I work with clients every-other-week for 4-5 months. Sometimes a client needs support on a week-by-week basis, in which case we negotiate our contract and program so it best suits the needs. There’s always some flexibility.

    Clients typically work with me for 5-12 months. When the 5-month container is over you’ll be empowered with a multitude of tools and techniques to utilize on your own to further your healing process. We will review where you’re at together, what further needs you have (if any) and, if desired, continue sessions on a monthly payment plan basis. If you continue working with me we’ll dive much deeper into sacred sexuality, tantra, radical transformation and how our sexuality is an important and integral aspect of sacred activism, universal connection and movements happening on our planet today.

    »» Enhancing your skills, transforming your life 

    In working together we will enhance your skills and methodologies to transform your inner and outer sexual reality through embodiment practices and rituals held in a sacred space. These practices come from Tantra and Taoism, the latest neuroscience research and somatic trauma healing techniques.

    This container creates a space in which you can transform the experience of just having sex, feeling numb or disinterested or disconnected, or experiencing the effects of trauma in your day-to-day life… to feeling ecstasy in your body, experiencing sexual energy run through your being, and having more consciousness in how you approach your sexuality and life with others and yourself. We are alchemizing pain into pleasure, bridging the sacred and the sexy.

    The skills, modalities and techniques you can learn in this 4-month container include: 

    • Using breathwork to prevent yourself from getting stuck in sexual blocks.
    • Utilizing your voice to sound out the deep transformation and healing that you may need.
    • Creating safety inside your body so you can surrender into an orgasmic state more easily.
    • Feeling sensations in your body: focus on the felt-sense, allow your body to release old emotions and trauma, complete stress cycles, release past-life or ancestral baggage.
    • Moving sexual energy through your body: how to feel your sexual energy and recognize it as an okay and sacred thing.
    • Having a sacred connection with your sexuality by offering transformative practices like de-armouring or pleasure sessions
    • Transforming uncomfortable or blocked emotions and alchemizing them into pleasure
    • Journeying into your shadow world and finding magic, power and sacred flow on the other side
    • Reclaiming your natural, wild and divine sexual state–the state you were born into this world to embrace and live into! The state that makes all aspects of your life flourish and come alive!

    » Who is the Sexual Alchemy Transformation Container for?

    This is for you if:

    • You’ve done some healing work–seen a therapist, worked with a coach, take a sexuality course, or have done some self-development work–yet you still feel stuck in the same patterns. Maybe you’ve really moved through your trauma or blocks cognitively, but you’re still feeling numb in your body, pain in sex or self-pleasure, lacking desire, turned off by intimacy, caught in the story of the past, or just unable to see a clear path forward.
    • You desire deep transformation and change, and you’re willing to put in the work, time and investment to get it. I promise you a compassionate, safe, confidential and judgment-free container where you can show up and go really deep, but it only works if you commit and feel ready to take your healing and life to the next level.
    • You aspire to understand your worth and feel empowered not only in your sexuality, but in ALL areas of your life: business, income + abundance, familial relationships, intimate relationships, friendships, leadership, spirituality, and more.
    • You have a vision of where you want to go but you feel puzzled about how to get to this new level of being in the world. You know there’s SO MUCH MAGIC inside of you, and you’re longing for a way to release it.
    • You are open to exploring your body (including your sexual center and breasts), sensations, pleasure, and pain in a healthy, integrative and holistic way (always with boundaries and NEVER with force–resistance is welcomed and respected).
    • You long for education on trauma healing, resilience, emotional empowerment, somatic releasing… and you want the actual tools to implement the education into your everyday life.
    • You crave the support of someone who 100% sees you. Who knows and constantly believes in your Highest Self, your ability to heal, your capacity for pleasure and resilience, your ability to be exactly who is it you already ARE at the core of your Being.
    • You want a container that is NOT about pushing but instead emphasizes boundaries, understanding your yes and no, speaking your needs, guiding you into trusting your innate body wisdom, and empowering you to use your voice and take hold of your truth.
    • You yearn for honest, straight-forward communication in a grounded container from someone who welcomes you into understanding false beliefs about yourself so you can emerge from this container as a butterfly.

    Do you desire sexual liberation,

    emotional freedom

    & deep awakening? 

    Rachel is a magical human and freaking amazing coach. She receives whatever I bring to our sessions (frustration, struggle, resistance, tiredness, I don’t even know what’s fucking wrong with me today but I’m over it…) with so much love and acceptance in the space she holds that before I open my mouth I’m already starting to KNOW that it’s okay and I’m okay.

    Stuff that I struggled with for years and tried to look at with no success (being a sexual human who has a voice and feels safe to use it in the world and in my sex life) started to unravel in the most beautiful and profound ways – and IT WASN’T A HARD, HORRIBLE STRUGGLE. It was intense and gentle at the same time.

    Her way of working feels deeply satisfying to me on a soul level because I’m not just talking endlessly in circles – she has an awesome mix of intuition and understanding that is super powerful. She guides me into my sensations and into myself and is so comfortable in the dark places of the human psyche that she helps me to shine a light into the corners of my heart and meet my monsters and heal them. Endless gratitude for her and our work together.

    -- Ellen May

    »» My training

    I’ve trained at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality as one of the top 1% coaches in the Sex, Love and Relationship field, completing a jade egg certification and 600+ hours of study and 100+ hours of 1-on-1 coaching.

    I’ve worked and learned with one of the best sexuality specialists in the nation, Layla Martin.

    I’ve worked as the Pussy Pro for the Sex After Trauma School and Sisterhood with Rachael Maddox, one of the best trauma and sexuality experts in the nation.

    I graduated with an MA in Religion, writing a Master’s thesis titled “Undressing Purity Culture: Finding Sexual and Spiritual Healing through Neuroscience, Trauma Recovery, and Embodied Inter-Spirituality,” focused on holistic healing for those marginalized or spiritually traumatized by the Christian Church through LGBTQ+ identification and/or sexual suppression or abuse.

    I’ve taken deep dives into studying journey and healing work, plant medicine, meditation, yoga, biodynamic breathwork, IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy and more.

    I’m humbled, grateful and honored to condense these experiences into this intimate, safe, deep and compassionately held container for this one-on-one program where I can offer you the same tools and transformation that radically changed my life and offered hope, courage, power and a brand new way of being both in my sexual life and in the world.